The Girls on Fire Program

The Girls on Fire Program is Renee’s approach to both counseling and life coaching for teen girls and young women.  It is about helping them build the self-awareness, self-esteem and resiliency that results in the confidence to set the world on fire.

Being a Girl on Fire is all about movement. A Girl on Fire knows that discovering who she truly is can be a process. It is through the process that she builds and stokes the fire that leads her to acknowledge and release the amazing woman that lies within her.

A Girl on Fire learns to love herself fully, reclaiming what society has told her are imperfections. She treats herself and other girls with respect and revels in her resiliency. Each day she grows more confident in herself and feels comfortable being assertive and proud of who she is.

She values the bravery in the little things because it’s the little things that build confidence and create a life she loves. She embraces paying it forward, being a change-maker, giving back and inspiring others through her actions. She makes mistakes but finds value in the lesson no matter how painful. A Girl on Fire loves the challenge because once you get her started there is no stopping her!