Having a session with Renée is life changing for both you and/or your daughter. Renée has a gift for quickly identifying and understanding your core obstacles and helping you heal them. Renée believes that one treatment modality does not fit all.

Her 20 years of experience with anxiety and trauma has assisted hundreds of clients. She welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your children gain the knowledge and skills to better understand and heal your anxiety so you can all start living the life you desire. 

Sessions are 45 minutes and are held in person at Anam Cara Farm in Douglassville, PA.  Renee provides clients with coded receipts for out of network submission to your insurance for reimbursement.

If you are interested in therapy with Renée click here to request your FREE Introductory Call. 

In a Free Introductory Call:

  • you get an opportunity to talk to me about the problem you are faced with

  • you can get some feedback about what might be helpful to you and how we might address it to get a feel of what it would be like to work with me

  • you can ask any questions you have about me as a professional or the approaches I might use

  • together we can decide if this feels like a good fit

You don't have to wait to live a life free of stress and overwhelm! Request a FREE Introductory Call to not only better manage your anxiety but to also start gaining the confidence to solve your own problems and make good decisions.