Parenting is not an easy job! As fulfilling and fun as it can be, every parent has a time when they feel challenged beyond their own skill set and just doesn’t know how to help their daughters.

The truth is, being a teen girl is a whole different ball game now. Adolescence (which was hard enough when we went through it) has become increasingly more stressful. The pressures that girls are facing now can get anyone off course and feeling as though they don’t measure up. They are trying to navigate school, friends, relationships, social media, and choices about their future all while coming into their own!  30% of teen girls have an anxiety disorder.

How do our teen girls and young adults get the support and guidance they need? Well it absolutely takes a village. Sometimes, however brilliant you are as a parent, girls are looking for what they see as an unbiased perspective they can trust. Honestly, even parents are looking for and unbiased perspective they can trust.

That is where Renee can help. With 20 years of experience and commitment to managing stress, anxiety, building self-esteem and confidence in teens and young adults, Renee listens, advises, informs, and challenges your daughters to be their best selves and become a Girl on Fire.

Renee works with teens and young adults to better understand and manage their anxiety so that they are better able to take part in their own life.  So often our girls feel forced to sit on the sidelines of their own life, fearful to make mistakes or failure.  Renee helps them gain the tools to recognize their anxiety and how it presents as well as providing them with the tools to better manage their anxiety and take their lives back. 

The Girls on Fire program works with girls that experience the following:

  • Fear that seems to linger or not be situationally appropriate

  • Refusal or reluctance to go to school

  • Social anxiety or being uncomfortable talking to teachers or peers, avoiding social situations and new people

  • Perfectionism

  • Difficulty dealing with change

  • Excessive worry about a variety of everyday problems

  • Obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors

  • Difficulty transitioning to high school or college

Life Coaching

If Life Coaching is what you are looking for, the Girls on Fire program address the Top 10 Issues for Girls that include:

  1. Identity

  2. Friendship and Social Relationships

  3. Future and Direction

  4. Academic Stress

  5. Parent and Family Relationships

  6. Body Image and Self-Esteem

  7. Sex, Dating, and Relationships

  8. Drugs and Alcohol

  9. Technology and Media Overload

  10. Decision-Making

Renee also provides coaching for Parents as well as consultations to help you:

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Set clear appropriate boundaries

  • Gain a better understanding of how to support your daughter best

  • How to take better care of yourself

  • Gain more confidence as a parent

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The first step you can take to helping your daughter is to contact Renee today for a Free Introductory Call. It’s time to help your daughter be who they were meant to be and set the world on fire!

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Note: For clients under the age of 18, a parent consultation and signed parent consent form will be required to sign up for personalized coaching.