Life Coaching with Renee

Renee offers a number of different life coaching packages to support and help your teen girl, young adult, or even you as a parent. Coaching is for those who want a more action driven and accountability based program. Coaching is all about helping you and your daughter reach your goals and live your best life. 

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Transition to College Package

The Transition to College Package is a must for any girl beginning the journey into college life.  It is designed to support your daughter as she enters a whole new world of independence, responsibility and social newness.  Your daughter is supported throughout her first semester as she encounters the excitement of new experiences and new found freedom.  She will be provided a balanced and level voice to listen and encourage her as she makes decisions that are in line with who she is and who wants to become. 

  • First session with one or both parents for 75 minutes in order to get an understanding of the current issues facing your teen and any additional concerns you may have for their future. This is with only the parents.
  • 10 sessions with the teen/young adult throughout the semester
  • (2) 20 minute check-ins with parents to update progress and address concerns
  • Unlimited text or email contact

Package sessions are to be completed within the semester which allows for increased coaching success and consistent plan building in current issues as they arise. This also helps to establish rapport between client and coach.


Parent Consultation

The Parent Consultation is a high impact session to address current issues involving your teen. It will leave you with tangible tools and a better understanding how to move forward with your teen. Includes:

  • 1 hour consultation with parent

  • Email Summary of main points and tools discussed

Parent Coaching 4-Pack

The Parent Coaching 4-Pack is for parents on the go that know they would benefit from some one-on-one work with Renée. This package provides insurance for you as a parent in navigating the waters of adolescence.

  • 4 sessions

  • Email summary provided for each session on points discussed

  • Email access to consult with Renée

Must be used within 3 months of purchase.