About Transitions

For even the most level headed and courageous of girls, freshman year is a year of change and firsts.  Brian Harke, Ed.D, Dean of Students, University of Southern California wrote in a 3 part article for the Huffington Post that discussed nearly 74% of high school seniors did not site the social adjustments related to college as a major concern.  Yet, according to the U.S. Census and American College Testing Program, nearly 34% of new college students dropped out in the first year because they were over confident, underprepared and lacked realistic expectations about college. It is fair to say that over 70% of these students left because they were not prepared to adjust to their new social environment.  This echoes my own experience with teens and young adults in my practice.

I didn’t set out to be a college transition coach.  It came about all on it’s own.  Many of the girls I saw for counseling or coaching throughout their high school careers were looking forward to going off to college and starting their new life.  I started getting a lot of calls and texts from the girls themselves as well as parents to see if I could do a phone session with them as they were having a hard time acclimating.  These phone sessions grew into weekly calls or Skype check-ins that really helped these girls with some or all of the following:

  • making sense of the social scene, hookup culture, who they wanted to be at their new school

  • making friends

  • picking themselves up after a short sighted decisions

  • being academically responsible

  • managing their new found freedom and their emotions

  • getting clear expectations

  • creating actions plans

  • being accountable

  • problem solving

Seriously, a college transition coach?

The truth is that most of our girls are really not prepared to go away to college.  There is a college myth about their transition to college being simpler then they think.  37% of college freshman quit within the first six weeks. Much of this is due to being over confident, underprepared and having a lack of resilience when things get hard or uncomfortable.

The idea of going away to school and just focusing on your classes is much easier said than done.  New social pressures and the expectation to transition with ease can be overwhelming, especially when everyone’s Instagram and Snap Chat Stories make it appear that everyone else is loving college and managing just fine.  As fun as college can be for some, it can also get very lonely at times.  Most girls have difficulty with this and some can make rash decisions without giving it time to settle in due to not knowing how to be move through uncomfortable situations such as making new friends and managing the new social scene at their school while trying to manage their academic responsibilities.   It is the biggest transition young adults go through. 

As a parent, you can be unsure of the best way to support your daughter as she makes this transition.  It can be heart breaking, frustrating, and bewildering at the same time.  You don’t have to do it alone either.

From my own personal experience and professionally living half of my life in this world through my clients, I get what these girls are going through and how they can feel so sure of themselves one minute and clueless the next.

An investment in her successful transition is an investment in her future. 

Here is What Some Have Said About Working With Me

"Thank God I had Renee!  My head was all over the place.  Renee always seemed know where I was coming from and had a way of explaining things so I could see the big picture.  I always knew she would call me on the stories I was making up in my head.  My parents were so relieved that I could rely on another perspective that they could trust.  Everyone needs a Renee when they go to college!"   SG

"What a great investment!  I never thought my daughter would struggle like she did.  We were always very close and she was maybe a little too reliant on my husband and me.  Coaching with Renee helped us set good boundaries with our daughter, give her an appropriate place to share her experiences, and for us all to problems solve the best ways to help build more confidence and independence in our daughter.  I also learned how to step back and stop fixing things for her.  I wish I had Renee when I was in college."   PA

"Renee seemed to know everything that was going on in my head.  Her sense of humor and directness helped me to not feel so extreme all the time.  She helped me feel normal and more confident to try new things."  RG

Don’t let your daughter needlessly struggle or miss out on amazing opportunities.  The first step you can take to helping your daughter is to contact Renee today for a Free introductory Call. It’s time to help your daughter be who they were meant to be and set the world on fire!