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About Renee

Adolescence and young adulthood doesn’t really have to be so hard. With the right support and guidance every teen and young adult can lead a confident and amazing life.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Renee McClure is a dynamic therapist, life coach, educator, and speaker. Over the past 20 years, Renee has helped hundreds of teens and adults learn how to effectively manage their anxiety and build resilience and confidence as they embark on major transitions in their life such as entering high school and college.

She excels at understanding teens and helping them through the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. She is highly effective at helping parents identify how to best support their children as they work through these challenges.

Renee has a unique approach to both therapy and coaching. She is known for her sense of humor while combining her conventional training as a psychotherapist with effective alternative modalities, energy psychology, and her training as a TeenWisdom Certified Teen Life Coach. Renee believes that one approach is not fit for all. She assesses her client’s needs and collaborates with them to design a successful strategy.

As part of her commitment to finding effective complements to traditional therapy, Renee utilizes EFT tapping as well as being an Advanced Practitioner in Self Regulation Therapy for the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education. In addition, Renee is an Eponaquest Advanced Instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning. 

Renee believes that when a girl can identify her core values and has a vision of what kind of person she wants to be, she has the power to make great decisions. Therapy and life coaching with Renee helps girls develop the self-awareness, self esteem and resiliency to stay true to these values and make empowered decisions.

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"I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I started working with Renee.  I went from an insecure 15 year old that was making bad choices to a confident 18 year old ready to go off to college.  Renee really listened and knew where I was coming from.  She really helped me see that my 'mistakes' were really lessons I could grow from.  She is the older sister I always wished I had but a whole lot smarter!" RS
"I always felt so much better after talking with Renee.  I got out of every session feeling more confident and that I had a plan for my future.  She makes it so easy to talk with her and could really relate to what was going on in my life.  It’s so great to have a different perspective on a situation because she really gets it.  Everyone should have a Renee to talk to!  I wouldn’t have made it through college without her!"  KD
"Renee is fabulous and really connected with my daughter R.  R. is a 12 year old girl with health issues but her main concern in seeing Renee was self-esteem.  Although this is still a work in progress, Renee has helped R. tremendously in this area.  I highly recommend Renee for her ability to connect with adolescent girls!"  JM
"Renee is beyond helpful and compassionate when it comes to her coaching.  She means business and helps you get results in a way that is fun and inspiring. She makes complex problems seem easier to manage and provided me with the tools I needed to make better decisions.  She never asks you to do something she hasn’t been willing to do herself.  You can really trust her!" SR
"I’m not sure I would have survived my children’s adolescence if it were not for Renee.  She understood how hard it was to parent 2 daughters and never judged me.  Her support helped me create the relationships I wanted with my daughters despite them being so different from one another.  I now am able to exercise some much needed self care and can parent with confidence and a sense of humor." VG
"It was a Godsend finding Renee.  I had no idea how to help my 14 year old daughter who was having such a hard time with peers and low self-esteem.  My daughter immediately hit it off with Renee and looked forward to seeing her each session.  I saw her engaged in the process and finally laughing again.  My daughter has friends and finally sees her self-worth with the help of Renee.  Now everyone can see the confident, self-aware, and happy 16 year old daughter I knew was always in there!" LB